Hamilton Beach 32100A Food Dehydrator 

The 32100A has a lot of power—500 watts—and features 5 durable, dishwasher-safe drying trays, which can be stacked together, as well as one fine-mesh sheet, for making herbs, and a solid sheet, for making fruit rolls and other sweet treats.

During food prep, the airflow is continuous and even, allowing for uniform drying of snacks and preventing you from needing to use a rotating tray. This makes the entire process intuitive and user-friendly: to dry food, you need only line the trays with your fruits or herbs, adjust the temperature and drying time accordingly, and then wait for your snacks to finish.

The transparent lid will allow you to see what you’re cooking, thus allowing you to check on your snacks while they’re inside the dehydrator and monitor their drying times accordingly. You can also adjust the drying temperature thanks to the digital thermostat, which can be adjusted for preparing different kinds of food. The timer lasts 48 hours, and turns off automatically for additional safety.


The 32100A is an excellent food dehydrator if you’re looking to dehydrate food from the comfort of your own home. It is easy to use and very efficient, and is an excellent fit for making beef jerky. However, it’s rather loud, and its power cord is too short to be of much use. Nevertheless, it’s a great choice ito make tasty high-protein, low-calorie snacks of all kinds that can be stored for up to a year in advance.